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    65 years of Miffy

    on June 21 it is already 65 years ago that Dick Bruna Miffy drew for the first time. This also means that her birthday on 21 June is in the spotlight at the Miffy Museum and the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. The museums have been open again since June 1 and are an ideal getaway for you and your children. Even though Dick Bruna has died three years ago, his illustration of Miffy is a true source of inspiration for many Dutch Designers and international designers. At Holland Design & Gifts we also celebrate 65 years of Miffy with discounts on all Miffy products!

    65 years of Miffy
    65 years of Miffy

    65 years of Miffy

    We celebrate 65 years of Miffy with the new book “Miffy Reading Party”. Our sweet bunny does not seem to be getting older, but her drawings and stories go back for many years. A new book has been released especially for her birthday. ‘Miffy Reading Party’ contains no less than five classic Miffy stories spread over the years.

    An ideal book for children as it is easy to read and contains many pictures. In addition, you get different bookmarks with all primary colors of Miffy. In addition to the published thick picture book, six new regional editions have been released, one of which is in ‘Zeeuws’.

    Miffy the source of inspiration

    The Centraal Museum in Utrecht presents 86 plush Miffies in a new guise. These are not only designed by Dutch Designers but by designers all over the world. For example, nijntje is known as Miffy, a name that was easier to pronounce all over the world. For example, fashion students from Hong Kong, Nottingham, Milan and Mexico have also worked on this new line at the invitation of Mercis B.V.. Mercis B.V. manages the rights of Bruna’s work worldwide. These designers had to include the feasibility of their design, the simplification of the design process and the integration of sustainability principles in their design. So has the result; inspiration, experience, expertise and ideas of young upcoming talent bundled in this challenging time. An inspiration from Dick Bruna who created a museum catwalk 65 years later.

    Miffy has also been an inspiration for many Dutch Designers and we as Holland Design & Gifts are only too happy to promote these products. Take a look at the webshop and surprise your children with a fantastic gift. A Miffy money box to keep pocket money or Miffy children’s cutlery with which they can eat in the evening if they promise to eat all their vegetables.