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    Dutch design gifts under 50 euro | Save the endless search!

    Dutch design - Dutch design gifts

    The real winter days have arrived, and with them the upcoming holidays. Sinterklaas and Christmas are back on the schedule and our Dutch design designers have certainly not been idle this season. You’ve probably already made up your mind to sort out the Santa Claus and Christmas gifts this year well in advance and buy something when you come across something for them. No worries! We have already selected a top 5 Dutch design gifts under 50 euros. Save the endless search for original Dutch design gifts and take a quick look at this blog.

    The Doggybag, Klaartje de Hartog
    Turina Crystals 4.1 Necklace

    The playful use of unconventional materials creates jewelry that not only adorns, but also stimulates and fascinates. Designer Sandra Turina has been expanding the range ever since 2010. Sandra has developed various collections in collaboration with graphic designers, wood and porcelain specialists. This offers new perspectives and helps to develop refreshing jewelry. Turina Jewelry is understated: less is more. They are that little extra, the finishing touch to an outfit. A great dutch design gifts !

    For example, consider the Crystals 4.1 Necklace. It is made of recycled acrylic glass, attached to a gold-plated brass profile, on a fine 60 cm chain of gold-plated brass. Stylish necklace!

    The doggybag

    Klaartje de Hartog, designer of Keecie makes beautiful leather accessories. She often adds a fun element to her designs. For this pencil case she was inspired by a dog; the dachshund. A pencil case to store and carry all kinds of things. Pens, keys, money, an eye liner or lipstick, small reading glasses or sunglasses or the dog leash with the dog whistle. You name it, even a few cigarettes, a lighter and a small handkerchief can fit in it. Think carefully about what to put in it and where to store it, because kids love it too. Ps: Good Dog means Brave Dog and with its shape it is especially popular among dog lovers.

    The Hangover candlestick

    The accessible priced interior products of Duo Design can be recognized by their practical simplicity in a special guise. Duo Design range is sold in countries all over the world. Duo Design should certainly not be missing in the Holland webshop!

    The name for this Dutch design gifts special candlestick is an appropriate word joke, devised by Emiel and Gert-Jan from Duo Design. The stainless steel Hangover candlestick balances on the edge of the table, windowsill or other horizontal plane. And whether the candle is new or already partly burned out does not matter, the balance remains.

    The artistic snack board

    Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) painted this sparkling still life of delicate almond blossoms against a clear blue sky for his newborn nephew Vincent Willem. This oak serving board has a ceramic part depicting Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Almond Blossom’. This way you can serve your favorite cheese and other snacks in style. You can use the handy handle to serve or hang the shelf. A fresh combination of art and the tasty presentation of (cheese) snacks.