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    Playing outdoors with these unique new in-store items

    playing outdoors

    Last week, the terraces opened their doors again, but ‘normal life’ is far from being back. All the more reason to give the garden a nice touch-up during this summer season! So the little ones will be playing outside nicely. We at Holland Design & Gifts have supplemented our Dutch Design webshop again with typical Dutch outdoor articles with which you can spoil yourself, or a loved one. 

    playing outdoors
    Sandmarks Canal Houses

    Build castles like a king

    The Sandmarks sand moulds make playing outdoors more fun. This toy is not only fun for the kids, but also for nature. The moulds have been made with a 3D printer from PLA, a plastic-based on corn starch that is 100% organic. The sand moulds come in two varieties: the Sandmarks Canal houses and the Sandmarks Munttoren and Domtoren.

    Playing outdoors into the night

    Weltevree, the Dutch design brand, produces contemporary sustainable products that aim to activate you and your environment. Now that the days are getting longer and playing outdoors after dinner is more common, the Guidelight LED lamp is the ideal item. This smart, rechargeable lamp for indoors and outdoors lights up according to your personal wishes. Do you also want to make sure the lamp looks tiptop while playing outdoors? Then the Weltevree Guidelight is the solution to surprise her. Would you like to take a look into the life of the Dutch designer behind this beautiful brand? We certainly do! Take a look at the studio visit of designer Floris Schoonderbeek and get inspired. 

    Always playing outside

    This is really crazy! The Foooty! With these Foooty pieces, you can make all sorts of fun shapes in no time at all. For example, a Foooty football or rugby ball, which you can play outdoors at school, in the garden or in the park. When you’re done playing, just tie the Foooty discs into a package with the elastic that comes with it, and it fits easily into your trouser pocket, jacket pocket or backpack. This way you always have a ball at hand to play Foooty football with your friends. The Foooty is available in blue, white, orange and red. The Foooty can be combined endlessly.

    We are excited about these unique items that make playing outdoors during sunny days even more fun. Are you looking for more gifts for him or her? Our webshop is regularly updated with Dutch Design products. Take a look and make playing outside this summer an unforgettable time!

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