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    The best spring gifts of 2023

    What are the best spring gifts of 2023? The best gifts differ per season. At least we notice that. There is clearly a trend per season. Of course there are also gifts that are timeless and always good, but with a warm winter scarf you score less in the summer – pretty obvious. But what do you give someone for their birthday, anniversary or goodbye in the spring? And what are the trends this spring of 2023? Of course we have the best gifts and gift tips for you.

    Spring means fresh and cheerful

    Enjoy those spring jitters: a breath of fresh air through the house. Here a new color, there some new home accessories. The days are getting longer, the temperature is more pleasant, the fresh air and a cautious sun beckon. It goes without saying that nature will start up again with an enormous splendor of spring flowers and young animals frolicking around everywhere. Spring is the second favorite season for many people. The season to get out and about, take a walk, grab a bite on an bar terrace, work in the garden and decorate the house. Holland Design & Gifts naturally has tips for the best gifts this spring.



    A spacious shopper made of purple cotton and satin nylon with a work of art of Dutch flowers from the Rijksmuseum with a recognizable BIEN moves signature. The bag offers you the possibility to store your belongings in different storage compartments and is equipped with inner pockets for telephone and keys. To shop in style this spring!

    Characteristic Amsterdam translated into soap; those are the canal houses soaps of the Amsterdamse Zeephuis. Available in 2 sets of 3 and 1 set of 6 different soaps, each with its own carefully composed scent. The combination of shapes, colors and scents results in attractive soap bars. Handmade in Amsterdam from cosmetic ingredients. They instantly give the toilet, kitchen or bathroom a fresh new scent and appearance.



    You put the Dutch Design storage box deliberately in sight. Each of the more than 20 designs is a beauty. Sturdy and designed with an eye for detail, made of FSC eco cardboard and available in both a large and small size. You receive the storage boxes packed in a specially designed case – extra nice as a gift. You fold the storage box together in no time and you see that the design flows seamlessly from the lid into the box. Stuff in and shine!

    Fashionable and not common is this VAN GOGH bicycle bell. With this cheerful blue bicycle bell you stand out in traffic: especially if you ring your bicycle bell a few times. The bicycle bell is easy to mount on the handlebars of any (adult) bicycle with the two adjustable screws. Like a typical Dutchman practical and yet elegant on a bicycle in traffic, because we usually take the bicycle a little more often in the spring! We think this is one of the nicest gifts and would like to see them more often in traffic. Did we not inspire you enough yet? On you’ll find even more spring gifts!



    For men who love nature and a sleek design, we have the birdhouses from Frederik Roijé. The series of houses are designed after Amsterdam canal houses. The houses are made of black-stained, weather-resistant plywood with brass nails and a brass twig. A real eye-catcher for the garden and one of the nicest gifts during the breeding season.

    Socks are an essential part of your outfit. Super suitable for your own accent. Take these socks in Delft blue motif. A fresh contemporary design, made of 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane, made in carefully selected small-scale family workshops in Italy. Nice outfit details on a terrace in the sun.

    Loqi’s bags are beautiful and practical. The weekend bags feature images of artwork by some of the greatest artists the Netherlands has ever known. It is inevitable that you will stand out while wearing this bag. This weekend bag has the image of the world famous painting Composition 2 in Red, Blue and Yellow by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. This way you can carry a well-known Mondrian with you when the sports season starts again.



    Thanks to Metalbird’s corten steel birds, you are no longer dependent on fat balls in the garden to spot a bird! The rust-brown silhouettes of Dutch bird species are indistinguishable from the real thing and form a natural jewel for the garden or balcony. By cleverly combining the different metal Metalbird birds, you attract certain birds and scare off other birds. A handy addition to this Dutch Design!

    For culinary connoisseurs we have this Zeeland mussel cutlery from the Anovi brand. Mussel enthusiasts often use the shell of one mussel to extract the next from its shell. With this Zeeland mussel cutlery you will never have to search for a suitable mussel shell again. The silver tin mussels are packed per two in a chic black box. Anovi is located in the village of Dreischor on Schouwen-Duiveland in Zeeland. Anovi develops and manufactures products from the Zeeland culture. The ambition of Alex and Susanne den Hoed is to develop, produce and launch a new product every year. We hope you like these spring gifts. More gift ideas you can find on