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    The real Design Week is the Dutch Design Week

    Piet Hein Eek Dutch Design Week 2016

    Of course, like every year, Piet Hein Eek will show at the 15th Dutch Design Week this year. A big name in the Dutch design world and he offers his studio, restaurant and presentation area to exhibit the work of young designers. With the Dutch Design week starting next week, we thought it was the right time for a meeting with this top Dutch designer and asked him a few questions. With his infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy he replied:

    Piet Hein, the Dutch Design Week theme of this year is ‘The Making of’. How does the theme show in your presentation?

    To be honest, we didn’t really do anything special. The theme itself can be interpreted very broad and is suitable for every year, because the Dutch Design Week has its roots here in Eindhoven. It all started here. As every year, our studio in Eindhoven is part of the Dutch Design Week and a visit to our studio offers enough ambiences to taste the ‘making of’ Dutch design.

    What do you think of the Dutch Design Week and how do you experience it?

    I truly think the Dutch Design Week is the only true Design Week in the world, because there are only honest designers involved, no big manufactories. The whole process from design to product is ours, the designers. It’s the small enterprises and young designers that exhibit their products and show their design process here. This is how the Dutch Design Week is started and also what makes the Dutch Design Week fun and exceptional.

    You offer your studio during the Dutch Design Week to exhibit work of young talents. Is there ever a designer with whom you like to collaborate with?

    It doesn’t happen very often that I collaborate with anyone. I am open to it though. But I do exhibit a lot during the DDW. This year Fenna Oosterhoff exhibits at our place. She has her own stand in my studio, where she will present her new work. This makes me proud, even though I haven’t contributed much to it.

    Do you pick your own designers to exhibit in your workshop?

    No, they approach us. Among designers it is quite known that we offer space and usually straight after the DDW we get a lot of calls from designers who like to reserve a stand at our place for the next Dutch design week.

    How do you select who can actually exhibit?

    We think it is important to work with young designers who are driven by creativity and from whom the company is still in its infancy. We’re looking for designer who just started. So it shouldn’t be a professional business. It should be fun and not dull or to commercial minded.

    Can you reveal a bit about the 15th edition of the Dutch Design Week; do you have a new design that you will be presenting?

    Yes, quite a few actually. We have got a new cabinet. It is a recycled timber cube, combined with tiles. We are still quite busy with that, but it’s going to be really great. And of course we will present our whole repertoire, but I won’t tell no more. You just have to come see it for yourself.

    Do you have a tip of where visitors should go and have a look this year?

    I always really enjoy Sectie-C, they hold a lot of studios. It’s in fact at a boring industrial area, but during DDW it is full of spirit. I find this very inspiring and fun. Although I am really busy, I do always visit Section-C and three or four other places. I don’t do this to get inspired, but just to check out the work of colleagues.

    We’ve gotten really excited for the new work of Piet Hein Eek and if it is in line with his previous furniture and products. Can’t wait for his work?