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    Dutch doors: trend in the American architecture

    Dutch doors trend 2016 america

    Dutch doors, also known as stable doors, have been around for centuries. A horizontal division in the middle of the door allows the bottom half to remain closed while the top half is open.

    trend 2016 Dutch design doors

    House designed by SHED Architecture & Design. Photography by Mark Wood.

    Practical yet beautiful Dutch doors

    These doors are a practical way to keep children in the house and animals out while letting a cool breeze in. Although these Dutch doors are associated primarily with traditional farm house style homes, these unique and very practical doors are making their way into modern design. Dutch doors experience a breakthrough in American architecture. Here are some examples of Dutch doors that have been incorporated into contemporary homes.

    Typical Dutch design

    These Dutch doors are one of the typical examples of Dutch Design: It provides a decorative and practical solution for an everyday challenge.

    Other examples like Dutch doors

    Some other examples of practical Dutch design like these Dutch doors are the Boomerang wok, the Dishdrainer, the garlic crusher and the Aireado Fruitbowl.

    The Boomerang wok

    With the Boomerang Wok, everyone can become a wok chef! The Boomerang Wok has a unique, patented, cupped edge. This allows you to easily stir ingredients with a simple movement of the spatula. As a results, ingredients will always remain in the pan.

    The Dish Drainer Geo

    The Dish Drainer Geo is a beautifully designed mat, which lets the water drain through small height differences in the ‘geo’ design. Thanks to the Dish Drainer Geo, it is no longer necessary to use a large and bulky dish drainer, that is hard to store. The Dish Drainer Geo is flat and takes up almost no room. Therefore, storing is easy, if you want to store it away of course.

    The Garlic Crusher

    The Garlic Crusher by Royal VKB is not a garlic press. It’s an innovation as well as a simplification of the traditional garlic press. The huge advantage of this Garlic Crusher is its ease of use. You no longer need to have strength in your hands or punch out residual garlic of small holes, as you often have to do when using a traditional garlic press in order to clean it well. Watch the ho-to video on youtube!

    The Aireado Fruitbowl

    The knitted hygienic fabric in the bowl not only ensures fruit airing, but also gives this sleekly designed fruit bowl a surprising appearance because of the combination with the metal outer bowl and the spherical shape. Moreover, you can take the polyester interior out of the bowl and clean it with a soft brush and detergent.

    Practical Dutch Design products

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