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    Gifts for National Administrative Professionals Day 2019

    National Administrative Professionals Day

    National Administrative Professionals Day is an annual event that is gaining popularity all over the world. In the Netherlands we celebrate Secretary Day on the third Tuesday of April. Which is on April 18, 2019 this year. In America they celebrate National Administrative Professionals Day on April 24, 2019.

    Holland Design & Gifts wishes all supporting boys a nice Secretary day!

    National Administrative Professionals Day: Be prepared!

    Originally Secretary Day comes from America. It was brought to the Netherlands by various parties to put the secretary profession on the map. The parties also wanted to see that the added value of a administrative staff for organizations was considered.

    The best surprise for your Administrative staff

    On Secretary Day, secretaries or other support staff are often surprised with a bunch of flowers, chocolate or other gifts. Holland Design & Gifts has a nice selection of alternative gifts for National Administrative Professionals Day. This way you surprise your secretary with an original gift that he or she will enjoy for a long time.

    1. Folding vase
    Giving a bunch of flowers as a gift to your secretary is of course fun, but to make it extra fun you could add a folding vase. This way the flowers can be put directly in the water. The folding vases designed by Hendrik are a real works of art to look at! In addition, they fit a letterbox and you can easily assemble them in 5 steps.

    2. Scarf
    A beautiful scarf is an absolute must have for every woman, we think. At Holland Design & Gifts we offer various scarves that all remind you of the Netherlands. From a beautiful scarf with a map of a Dutch city printed on it to a scarf with a painting by Van Gogh printed on it.

    3. Flat Flowers
    The beautiful Flat Flower window stickers are a unique way to give flowers. The advantages of a Flat Flower window sticker is that you can never forget to water the flowers and it always looks bright! Moreover, such a bouquet is also suitable for people who are allergic to flowers.

    4. Coffee Mug
    How nice is this mug by Blond Amsterdam? This Delft Blond mug XL is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. A recognizable blue flower has been painted on the inside. Due to the size of the mug, your secretary can enjoy a hot coffee or tea for an extra long time. And you immediately lend a hand to the environment if you use a washable mug for your coffee or tea instead of a plastic cup.

    5. Notebook
    A luxury notebook is of course a gift that pays for itself. This beautiful version of the notebook Almond Blossom – Van Gogh will certainly be welcome. The notebook has ruled pages and has an A5 format. Handy in a handbag and immediately traceable thanks to the striking design.

    Find more great Holland Design & Gifts gift tips for your secretary on Pinterest!

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