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    Dutch lighting is extremely popular!

    Dutch design lighting

    Thinking about lighting? Now that the days are getting shorter quickly and we are living in the dark for a longer time, lighting is starting to become important again. During the month of November Holland Design & Gifts puts interior lights in the spotlight. Because the Netherlands has a name when it comes to lighting in terms of atmosphere and design. Read on to find out more about the typical Dutch lighting! Follow our blog FromHollandwithLove with BlogLovin

    Typisch Nederlandse verlichting bij

    Holland Design & Gifts has a huge range of lamps from Dutch designers

    Dutch lighting is cozy

    You probably noticed on one of your trips abroad that every country has its own way of lighting. You will find a lot of fluorescent lighting in states like Florida and California and the places Los Angelos and Las Vegas in the United States. But also in Asian countries such as Bangkok in Thailand you will find brightly coloured, flashing and striking lights. While they opt for functional light in Scandinavian countries, but also in Russia and Eastern European countries. And they prefer that – to our great surprise – in countries such as Italy, France and Spain aswel. Dutch people, on the other hand, like to opt for typical Dutch lighting in their home that is warm in colour.

    Atmospheric lighting during the cold and dark winter months

    At Holland Design & Gifts, it is very normal to opt for mood lighting. Especially during the cold winter months we find it much more pleasant to watch television, play a game or read a book by a reading lamp or in the light of an elegant shaped cozy warm light. And in a restaurant we certainly don’t want to dine in the bright light. Then candlelight is even sufficient for us Dutch. We are actually very critical when it comes to light. We want beautiful lamps, cozy light, but also safe and environmentally friendly lighting.

    Beautiful designer lamps from the Netherlands

    For years, Holland Design & Gifts has been visiting design fairs in search of new Dutch Design pendants, wall lamps, spots, table lamps and floor and desk lamps and we think we have succeeded quite well in that. We have been able to considerably expand our range in recent years with, among others, lamps from Danielle Verbeeten alias Danielle Origami, Bas Vellekoop, Olaf Weller, Alex Groot Jebbink and Jasmin Djerzic, but also the big names such as Benno Premsela, Kranen & Gille, Van Tjalle & Jasper and Frederik Roijé are well represented. Because Dutch designers know how to make the most beautiful fixtures new designs are added regularly.

    Are you looking for something innovative in your interior? Lighting that you can enjoy extra during the dark winter months? Take a look at for the wide range of lamps! There is probably something that really comes into its own in your interior!

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