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    A gift for less than 25 euros


    When we buy a design gift we often think ‘that is expensive!’ Design indeed has the name to be expensive. That is because design is usually not produced in mass production in a country with a low-wage culture. However, design does not necessarily have to be expensive. We at Holland Design & Gifts have found quite a lot of special Dutch Design gifts for you, which you can order from for less than € 25.  Are you looking for a really special gift? A gift that not everyone gives? And what the recipient has long and beautiful memories of? Here is a small selection from our shop. 


    A gift for less than 25 euros

    In the Netherlands we all receive presents at ‘Sinterklaas’. If you have been good, that is. It is a real family celebration in the Netherlands. But where to find a gift under 25 euros that is also special, practical, beautiful and of quality? We at Holland Design & Gifts have searched for you and show you a number of examples here. We hope to inspire you!

    For the light-hearted (‘lichtvoetig’ in Dutch)

    A light-hearted person is someone who is not too serious, makes jokes and is usually quick. Do you have someone like that in your family? Or just someone who loves coloured socks? These socks with Van Gogh motif (available in the design Sunflowers and Almond Blossom) are sure to hit the mark!

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    For an early riser
    Is your wife, husband, friend or boyfriend a real morning person? One who laughs at the crack of the day? Tip them to prepare a cozy breakfast with this egg timer (available in various designs) or with these place mats (available in several designs). A smart gift.
    [product ids=”2269,1939,1654,1432″]
    For a pedal princess

    Maneuver through the busy traffic with your cargo bike. On a container full of children, to be delivered on time to school or to the daycare center. A typical example of Dutch traffic art. And we are always in a hurry. For all these hasty pedal princesses we have a beautifully decorated bicycle bell. These bells are extra large, which makes them very striking and they also make a striking sound. This bicycle bell is a very handy gift for the traffic artist and the bicycle search dog.

    [product ids=”1380,1381″]

    The card keepers 

    There is a ball athlete in every family. One that kicks or plays the referee. But also one that photographs or likes snaps. Or does both. We have a special gift for alle these lovers of snapshots and cards: the baseball card stand and photo holder. Really something for these outstanding people. An aluminium cone with a silver-coloured metal ball that holds the card or picture in place. Beautiful on the mantelpiece or on a desk.

    [product ids=”277,1603″]

    Have we not yet given you enough inspiration? What do you think of these presents for clairvoyants, letter art, mess cleaners or ever-bloomers. And you will find much more fun on this page. Such as jewelry, vases, cups, spectacle cases, cups, place mats, tea towels and all under € 25.

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