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    Pay a visit to ‘Meesterlijk’ in Kunsthal Rotterdam


    Is painting or drawing your hobby? Do you want to learn more than painting the fruit bowl on your kitchen table? Then I have the ideal source of inspiration for you. What does it sound like to admire four centuries of drawing and painting in one art hall? I think this is the perfect opportunity to use your free Saturday and then grab your donkey on Sunday. It is the last month to visit the “Meesterlijk” exhibition in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. In addition to the 27 artists who have their paintings and drawings in Rotterdam, I also want to inspire you with some informative art in this blog.

    The style of Jan Schoonhoven in museum kunsthal Rotterdam

    The style of Jan Schoonhoven in museum Kunsthal Rotterdam

    Rembrandt en van Gogh in one art hall

    To understand the drawings and paintings of the exhibition when you walk into the art hall a little bit better will I explain this through two famous painters. The first painters I want to tell a little more about is Rembrandt van Rijn. He is one of the greatest painters and etchers in European art and the most important Dutch master of the 17th century. The style period in which Rembrandt demonstrated his craftsmanship is known as the baroque. It referred to architecture, visual arts, literature and music that had emerged from the Italian Renaissance and Mannerism. This period began in the 17th century (the golden age). For example, the painting ” Een meisje in een schilderlijst’ ” is a typical painting to which Rembrandt gave his own twist. His work can be described as realistic detailed with a rich color palette and a contrast between bright light and dark shadows.

    The second Dutch painter is Vincent van Gogh who lived his short life in the 19th century. Due to his move to Paris, his painting style also changed. The dark palette that we know from “De Aardappeleters” became livelier and brighter. This was due to the post-impressionists Van Gogh got to know through his brother. Post-impressionism originated from the impressionism style. These painters experimented with visual elements such as shape, line and color and with painting techniques. A statement by Vincent van Gogh was that he started to use color in a more random way, so that he could express himself more forcefully.

    What is your own style of painting?

    In addition to the styles of these artists during different art movements, every painter has his own preference. To find out, this exhibition is of course much more fun than staring at a screen and searching for it on Google. Fortunately, not all the works of these amazing artists are that expensive. Our own Holland Dutch Designers have also made beautiful art items based on their works. Take a look at the Holland Design & Gifts webshop.

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