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    Birdhouses made by Frederik Roijé

    “Het is altijd lente in de ogen van de tandartsassistente,” was Peter de Koning’s biggest hit, released in 1995. As a great supporter of spring I can tell Peter but also to you that spring is coming again! For Peter, spring was accompanied by the love for his dental assistant. For birds it is the time to find a partner and start pairing. The males try to impress the ladies with their singing and what is more fun than hanging birdhouses in your garden to watch this spectacle.

    Birdhouses made by Frederik Roijé

    Birdhouses made by Frederik Roijé


    For all  loyal readers, the tip for spring 2020 is to hang birdhouses in your garden. Friday, the 20th of March, we say goodbye to the winter and welcome spring with the sun now and then. But just like people, birds all have a different preference when they are looking for a house to live in or for a bite to eat. That is why we have listed some useful tips to make your birdhouse as attractive as possible. Do you want to know more about birds? There is now a free course offered by Bird Protection Netherlands where you can learn about garden birds in the Netherlands in a fun way.

    My  Favorite

    One of my favorite birdhouses is made by Frederik Roijé available on the webshop of Holland Design & Gifts. It is a beautiful black canal house for nothing less than 29 euros. This little design house fits fantastic in your garden and is bird friendly! Because of the black color it doesn’t invite cats or other predators in . This housing is specially made for a titmouse, house sparrow or robin. These species prefer not to live so close to the ground but between 2 to 3 meters high. Great Tits and Blue Tits prefer to live three meters apart if you want two bird houses in your garden. Robins love privacy. Therefore, hang their house preferably in the thick vegetation of a hedge or wall climber such as ivy.

    Make your own birdhouse

    Of course, it is always possible to make your own bird houses. The wooden boards must be at least 1.5 cm thick for the heat inside the house. In addition, the gap must be between 3 and 5 centimeters. You must be able to open and clean it, so keep this in mind. Last but not least, do not hang the bird houses in the full sun and make sure that the rain doesn’t come in. The opening must face towards northeast or southeast.

    With all these tips I just want to say, “Enjoy the spring and all the beautiful birds who come with it.’

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