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    Dutch Design Sale 2020

    Dutch Design - Dutch Design Sale

    First of all, on behalf of the entire Holland Design and Gifts team, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! The end of the year is near and that means at Holland Design and Gifts, Dutch Design Sale 2020! Since the shops are closed, it is a madhouse online, Holland Design and Gifts also have a number of must-haves in the Dutch Design Sale 2020… Curious?

    The Dutch Design Sale of 2020
    A matching piece of jewelry for every outfit

    Most can’t get enough, jewelry for every outfit you have. Currently they are dazzlingly discounted. Take for example the Martine Viergever Mini Gummi, a necklace with a mini rubber band as a pendant. However, the rubber band is not made of rubber, but made of 925 Sterling silver. In this way Martine Viergever brings out the hidden beauty of things from everyday life. From € 87.50 for € 55! Or do you take a 925 Sterling silver ventilation key in mini size? This piece of jewelery has a cool and natural look, which combines well with various outfits, in the Dutch design sale from € 112.50 to € 75.

    The wooden stickie

    Looking for a unique USB Stick? Then take a look at these OOOMS Wooden USB 8GB, Because of their material, real wood, these USB Sticks stand out in their natural environment of office spaces and computers. This gives you an extra piece of course in this world of plastic and metal. The USB sticks are made of ECO-friendly material, and you don’t have to worry about buying a bad product. Nowhere cheaper! In the Dutch design sale from € 29.50 to € 19.50.

    The modern bookshelf

    A bookshelf where you can charge magazines, books and wirelessly an iPad? Thanks to ZENS Wireless technology, this is now possible. Designer Dick van Hoff created the combination of white aluminum and oiled walnut wood in classic shapes. A beautiful and very current gift, also for yourself. Now almost 50% off !! In the Dutch design Sale from € 345 to € 179.

    The wooden Ipad or Macbook

    You will not find a more stylish cover for your iPad or Macbook. The Woodcase by Studio Jasper has an elegant appearance due to the compact shape, the leather handle and the metal closure. Because a precious piece of Apple is allowed in a precious piece of craftsmanship, for only a fraction of the original price. Because a Macbook Pro Woodcase is discounted from € 249 to € 149 and the iPad Woodcase from € 169 to € 99.

    The slipper basket

    This colorful Flipflop basket Large from Pols Potten is made from recycled slippers. The design baskets from the sustainable Flipflop series by designer Diederik Scheemann have a cheerful color design, available in black tones (blacks), reds (reds) and greens (greens). They are inspired by the countless sandals washed up on the East African coast, which are now recycled into these unique baskets. In the Dutch design sale from € 62.50 to € 49, -!