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    The time has come, the Dutch Design auction of 2021. An initiative from Holland Design and Gifts in which we sell the latest items on the basis of an open auction. This is an excellent opportunity to get great Dutch Design products for a very low price. Please note, this promotion is one-off, so take your chance!

    The Dutch Design Auction
    Conditions of the Dutch Design auction are as follows

    – These products are the last copies in our Dutch Design collection.

    – The products can be found in the list below.

    – For more product specifications, follow the link to our website.

    – The highest bid wins.

    – Add product name, size, design, color and your price to your bid.

    – Prices and bids do not include shipping.

    – Prices below 25% of the original price cannot be accepted.

    – Bids must be received no later than January 31, 2021 CET.

    – We do not offer damaged return items.

    – Winners will be notified by email before February 8, 2021 (check your spam box).

    – The right to return expires after an auction purchase

    The products

    Below is the list with the full product selection of the Dutch Design auction.

    Take for example the Tripodi side table from Cascando. This table is a feast for the eyes. The elegant and simple design make this table a design eye-catcher. Solid aluminum upright and tripod are finished in clear aluminium or white coating. The top of the Tripodi side table consists of hardened glass. Or, the minimalist CRE8 lamp Ilse by designer Jurre Groenenboom should certainly be mentioned. The colourful fittings are wrapped in a bobbin with a cord of your choice.

    The full list can be found below (no rights can be derived from typing errors):

    Necklace Silver silence € 300 Martine Viergever

    Coral branche clock € 79 Asymmetree

    Cantel Carafe 15 € 55 aqua or green

    Carry on candleholder low white or green € 59 or € 69 New Duivendrecht

    Crossdock wireless media docking station € 345 Functionals

    Castle candle holder € 96 Kodje Kouwenhoven

    iFocus mirror swivel wall mirror € 199 Gispen

    Tripoli side table white or aluminium € 399 and € 429 Cascando

    Womans watch white leather strap € 175 Alessi by Marcel Wanders

    Glow lamp Small black € 329 Marc de Groot

    Early adopter 13 ”ipad cover gray brown € 99 Keecie

    Head office bag gray brown € 169 Keecie

    – Basket Flip flop reds or greens, large or small € 62,50 or € 42,50 Pols Potten

    Pile me up pouf marble or gray € 379 Ingrid van der Veen

    IXXI painting Van Gogh almondblossom large € 159 IXXI

    Basket side table black € 295 Cascando

    Barrel floorlamp black or natural € 575 New Duivendrecht

    Prairie pan for campfire or firepit € 95 Kodjo Kouwenhoven

    Baby barrel table lamp black or white € 175 New Duivendrecht

    Fruitbowl Aireado € 99 Flip Ziedses des Plantes

    Rocking table lamp white / gold € 295 Pols Potten

    Still Vase € 115 Goods

    Bic clip pen lid sterling silver brooche € 200 Martine Viergever

    Ilse hanging lamp blue / orange cord or red / blue cord € 55 Cre8

    Bowl Slow Motion white-black or white-blue € 85 Olav Slingerland

    Slab Vase or bowl black € 84,75 Goods

    Flower bowl € 525 Pols Potten

    Bowl Bark € 179 Pols Potten

    Scarf Avercamp € 99,95 Rijksmuseum

    Split mirror hand mirror white € 99 Tineke Beunders & Nathan Wierink

    NLXL wallpaper reclaimed wood design no. 1, 3, 7 or 8 € 199 Piet Hein Eek

    Wallpaper Blue white porcelain € 135 Studio Ditte

    Candleholder Rail rustlook Large or Small € 199 or € 99 Pols Potten

    Necklace Moiré 2 or 3 € 95 David Derksen

    Shopper or officebag Noir de Noir € 149 Isaac Monté

    Circus tray € 145 Alessi by Marcel Wanders

    Charms Romantic white or Round white stone € 39,95 Joy de la Luz

    Piso vase Large or Small € 99 or € 59 Goods

    Necklace pencil holder € 150 Martine Viergever

    Necklace chestnut 3 € 175 Martine Viergever

    Necklace radiator key mini € 112,50 Martine Viergever

    Necklace with rubber band € 87,50 Martine Viergever

    Necklace with mini label € 100 Martine Viergever

    Necklace with mini helicopter € 137,50 Martine Viergever

    Zebrano wooden handle for Lucis lamp square € 24,95 Lucis

    Aluminium quadpod for Lucis lamp square € 49,95 Lucis

    Zebrano wooden tripod for Lucis lamp square € 24,95

    On behalf of Holland Design and Gifts we wish you lots of fun with this unique opportunity!