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    Ode to the Dutch landscape of 2021

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    Time flies quickly and unnoticed we are already in the year 2021. A year that will have a major impact for the whole of the Netherlands, an impact that the Netherlands has never experienced before. Holland Design & Gifts wishes everyone a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year! There is a good chance that next year we will spend more time in the Netherlands than abroad, because unfortunately the end of the corona crisis is not yet in sight. For this reason, we would like to bring the theme year Ode to the Dutch Landscape in the Netherlands to light and it will give inspiration to make it another spectacular year!

    Ode to the Dutch landscape

    The Dutch landscape will be in the spotlight in 2021. There are few places in the world that the landscape at a short distance is as diverse as in the Netherlands. It reflects the age-old connection between man and nature. In the history of the Netherlands, man has had a great influence on the landscape. Choices from the past affect the future. The Netherlands will need its ingenuity to keep the landscape liveable and fertile. The theme year Ode to the Landscape was launched on 8 October 2020 in the Limburg Museum in Venlo with the exhibition Mighty Maas, Muze Monster Mother and Murderer.

    Theme year 2021

    As before, this theme year is organized by NBTC in collaboration with several partners. All participating partners are: Achterhoek, Flevoland, Friesland, Hollandse Waterlinies, Limburg, National Parks and North Holland. This year, these seven partners are working together to ensure that the Netherlands generates more attention, knowledge and appreciation for its landscape. An Ode to the Landscape. Previously, the purpose of the theme years was to spread tourists throughout the country. However, this year the focus is also on a social challenge. This theme year will connect culture and nature. In addition, the emphasis will be on the beauty, but also on the fragility of the landscape.

    The great source of inspiration

    The Dutch landscape as a source of inspiration goes back centuries. Our diverse landscape inspired the following individuals. Van Gogh in Brabant, Mondrian in Domburg, De Ploeg in Groningen and Monet in the Zaan region. Today, contemporary painters and artists in our landscapes and National Parks inspire in the design of land art and outdoor art.

    This is also the case for Wanda van Riet. She was inspired by various old photos of the beach in Zandvoort that were taken between 1890 and 1920 and designed the Hendrik ‘folding vase with Strik beach at Zandvoort. Another beautiful product that is an Ode to Landscape is the Metalbird Ekster metal bird silhouette, designed by Henk Lakeman. The metal birds from Metalbird are also available as owl, woodpecker, blackbird, wren, robin, swallows and kingfisher. Knits For Your Inspiration was also inspired by the Dutch landscape and designed the Woolen scarf lighthouses. This is a scarf with a story, because the lighthouses of Vlieland, Texel and the beacon of Willemsduin on Schiermonnikoog have been incorporated. A special gift for him or her!

    What’s on the schedule?

    Within the plans for the theme year Ode to the Landscape, landscapes, artists and museums will play a central role. Activities will range from exhibitions, open air exhibitions, art trails and art projects to excursions and painting programs. All activities will take place throughout the country. The official opening of the Theme Year Ode aan het Landschap is on Thursday February 18, 2021. More information about the time, location and program of the official opening will be published soon!