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    Tulip season is here! Time for Dutch gifts

    Teatowel with Tulips inspired by work of Jacob Marrel

    From mid-March through mid-May, part of the Netherlands turns into one big sea of flowers. It starts in March with the crocus season. Then the daffodils and hyacinths emerge. Finally, the tulips show their amazing colors, approximately from mid-April until the first week of May.

    Teatowel with Tulips inspired by work of Jacob Marrel
    Teatowel with Tulips inspired by work of Jacob Marrel
    Tulip Festival 

    Traditionally Amsterdam is associated with the legendary tulip, but in recent years the cheerful spring flower had disappeared from the streetscape. Tulp Festival makes the tulip visible again in Amsterdam. Every year in April, a tulip wealth can be admired at dozens of locations in the capital. Colorful tulips in tubs and bowls enliven streets, parks, squares, shopping malls, bridges, train stations and gardens of museums and hotels. However, the Tulip Festival could not take place last year due to the bizarre circumstances. For this year, the Tulip Festival is scheduled from April 1 through April 30. Follow news and current information about the flowering locations here.

    These days, activities outside the home are on the back burner. As a result, in addition to working from home, we will mostly spend the day at home with the family or your dear pet. Fortunately, we can still enjoy the sunshine and look at the beautiful flowers in the garden. But also in our own capital city, large bowls and tubs will be placed in various places to brighten up Amsterdam and the Dutchman. So when you’re walking to the supermarket, walking the dog or getting some fresh air look around you! Left and right the sun will be shining on beautiful tulips and other flowers. Besides these public locations, especially care homes with their residents and employees will be brightened up with free flower arrangements.

    Create your own Tulip Festival 

    We at Holland Design & Gifts of course have the perfect dutch design gifts for him or her, to stay completely in the spring mood. After all, this icon has been a source of inspiration for many of our Dutch designers. We have something for everyone. Recently we added the beautiful Secrid card protector with a unique tulip decoration to our webshop. This decoration is based on the drawing ‘Tulip with caterpillar’ from the Tulip Book by Jacob Marrel. Super compact and the ideal surprise to give as a gift. 

    Want to bring the beautiful tulip fields inside and brighten up your home? Then the Tea towel Tulips by Jacob Marrel is likely to fall perfectly in your taste. This typically Dutch item is stylish and practical for every day use, made of 100% cotton. Treat yourself or a precious one around you to brighten up life with this not-quite-ordinary gift with a Dutch touch.

    Let’s gather good cheer together that the Tulip Festival will transform the entire city into an even more beautiful paradise than it already is. But not to worry, because while we’re still waiting in pain, we’ll make sure you don’t have to miss out on the typical Dutch tulip in your life, with all the unique treats we’ll be offering via the webshop! So keep a close eye on that!

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