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    Gifts inspired by the Dutch master Van Gogh

    Dutch master Van Gogh Sunflowers on canvas

    Now that the days are getting longer again and summer is approaching, we at Holland Design & Gifts think it is a good time to put the Dutch master in the spotlight. We are talking about Vincent van Gogh. We are proud to offer unique souvenirs, accessories and gifts from designers who have been inspired by his art over the years. Regularly we add unique items to our webshop, so take a look and read on!

    Dutch master Van Gogh Sunflowers on canvas
    Dutch master Van Gogh Sunflowers on canvas
    Who was Van Gogh?

    Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch master, lived in the seventeenth century, also known as the Golden Age. When he was sixteen Van Gogh started working in his uncle’s art gallery in The Hague. After some time he left for England. In 1973, a museum was opened in honor of Van Gogh; the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus, it is not possible to visit the museum now, but don’t worry! On the website of the Van Gogh Museum, you can already see a sneak preview of the upcoming exhibition “Here to Stay”. We are excited about the work of this Dutch master! #everyoccasion

    The Dutch master in your home

    Bring the summer into your home with the Dutch Design articles inspired by the work “Sunflowers” of this Dutch master.  The Paper Folding Vase Large by Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles Foundation will brighten up your room immediately. Would you like to stay completely in the “Sunflowers” mood? Then take a look at the Van Gogh Sunflowers on canvas. A funny gift to complete the look is the Van Gogh Sunflower socks. So you’ll always be the sunshine in the house!

    Would you like a charming and also handy gift for on the bedside table in the bedroom or guest room? Then the carafe with glass inspired by Dutch master Van Gogh’s bedroom is the right gift for him or her. 

    The Dutch master for the little ones

    With these typical Dutch gifts, a child gets to know the Dutch master in a playful way. Take, for example, the Van Gogh Self Portrait Playmobil set from the Rijksmuseum, or the Van Gogh Puzzles. Ideal as a gift for young and old!

    The Dutch master keeps you dry       

    In the Netherlands, summer never means no rain. That’s why Van Gogh umbrellas come in handy. Go trendy in the street with these unique Dutch Design umbrellas inspired by the work of the Dutch master “Sunflowers” and “Almond blossom“. 

    Are you looking for other Dutch Design gifts by Van Gogh or another Dutch master? Then take a look in our webshop for the latest treats for him or her!

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