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    Amsterdam Light Festival 2020


    The days are getting shorter, it is already dark outside early. An advantage for visiting the Amsterdam Light Festival this winter. In the coming weeks, awesome works of art by international artists, designers and architects will illuminate the streets of Amsterdam. The ninth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2020 will take place from 10 December to 3 January. This time an extra special event as the light art cannot be admired from the water but on dry land! This time an extra special edition, in which technological innovations were the solution for this edition.

    Amsterdam Light Festival 2020

    This Amsterdam Light Festival 2020 is all about nature with the theme ‘When Nature Calls’. Visitors can take a walk along numerous art objects.

    Voice messages

    During the Light Walk the visitor walks through the eastern part of Amsterdam Center. Via WhatsApp, the visitor receives videos, photos and voice messages from creative director and theater maker Lucas De Man. In a story “packed with humor and information” – about light art, the city and nature. The walk is interactive. For example, the visitor decides for himself whether he wants to delve into light art or to learn more about the city and its history.

    This year there will not be any groups allowed. Still will the people of Amsterdam encounter light art in the city. The light artworks are realized through collaborations with partners. The artworks will thus mainly be admired by local residents and passers. However, the stories of Lucas De Man and the light art will enlighten a much broader audience online.

    In this edition, the organization brings more story, more experience and more lighting. Director Frédérique ter Brugge: “It is especially important in these times to bring relief to the city and to find and help each other. That is why we work in clusters, connecting artists with scientists, partners, primary school students and educational and government institutions. The social side of our festival is developing together with social partners with the so-called “buddy system”. With this we link people from vulnerable groups to enthusiastic volunteers. “

    Two artworks have already been revealed at the online Amsterdam Light Festival 2020

    Artwork: The Biggest, Smallest Heroes

    You may not see it, but there’s a war going on! A very important war in the microscopic kingdom of viruses and bacteria, which inspired Breitner Academy students Kawita, Renee and Ilse to create this artwork. The starring role is played by the T4 virus, which attacks the dangerous E. coli bacteria with its “soldiers”. They look like Martians, but that’s exactly what they look like when you look at them through a microscope. T4 is a so-called bacteriophage, a type of virus that destroys specific bacteria in a very clever way. With its “tail”, it injects its own DNA into the body of the bacteria. The phage will keep multiplying there and eventually the bacteria will burst. So, these little heroes prove that viruses do not fully deserve their bad reputation!

    Artwork: Hearth / Earth

    Written in mega-sized letters. A light sentence is placed behind the windows of the “floating” bridge of the University of Amsterdam. It is the artwork HEART / EARTH, created by the young designers Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan. Tom and Barbara are originally from London, but have been living and working in Amsterdam for a few years now. With their light text – which is somewhat reminiscent of old neon signs – they want to make you think about your personal relationship with our earth, and call on you to treat it with care. Spoken word artist Roziena Salihu has written a poem especially for this artwork. You can listen to her performance below.