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    Blossom season: 10 nice gifts with blossom

    Nice gifts with dutch design almond blossom

    It is the time of year again when everything is happily in bloom. New life is visible and the streets are brightened up, time for nice gifts! Spring is also known as the blossom season. This beautiful typical Dutch phenomenon has been a source of inspiration for painters such as Van Gogh for centuries. Also the Dutch designers of the products in our webshop, like Dutch Design Brand, Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles and Kitsch Kitchen, are inspired by the unique blossom season. In this blog we highlight 10 nice gifts from our webshop with blossom print.

    Nice Gifts with Dutch Design Almond Blossom
    Dutch Design Almond Blossom

    Nice gifts; blossom inspiration for Van Gogh 

    For Van Gogh the almond blossom was one of his favourite subjects: large flowering branches against a blue sky. The almond tree blossoms early in the spring and is a symbol of new life. Thus was born his world-famous masterpiece, Almond Blossom. We are proud of the fact that we have nice gifts in our webshop that are based on this Dutch design inspiration. Are you looking for more inspiration from the Dutch master Van Gogh? Then our pinterest page is the solution for you!

    Nice gifts for in the house

    Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Almond blossom’ served as inspiration for many items that can be given as nice gifts to everyone. The new Soft Cuddly Bear is a nice gift and teddy bear with a friendly and fresh look. Suitable for playing with, as a decoration in the children’s room, but also as a nice gift for the adults who love it too. 

    Make the home of your loved one shine with nice gifts. Van Gogh lends a helping hand. With a flick of the wrist you can transform the house into a cheerful environment and bring the blossom season inside. The Van Gogh Almond Blossom on canvas, the Paper Folding Vase by Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles and the Dutch Design storage box are nice gifts, each inspired by the blossom season and within every price range. 

    Nice gifts for on the go 

    Would you like to brighten up every moment of the day with a nice gift that captures the cheerfulness of the typical Dutch blossom season? Then take a look at the Van Gogh bell inspired by his masterpiece ‘Almond blossom’. This souvenir can also be combined with the Kitsch Kitchen Rose Blossom saddle cover. Your bike ride has never been so cheerful with these nice gifts!

    Are you staying in the Dutch spirit and is it raining? Then the attractive Van Gogh umbrella with its fresh spring colours will keep you and your loved ones dry. This way you’ll make it sunnier than expected with this nice gift during a downpour. 

    Nice gifts for travelling 

    If you want to surprise a loved one who is travelling with a Dutch design, the following nice gifts will make all the difference. The Van Gogh passport folder will make sure they won’t lose sight of Holland any time soon. And the Van Gogh tablet sleeve will complete the look. And, are you specifically looking for a nice gift for her? Then the Van Gogh make-up bag from our online shop is practical yet elegant when you’re out and about. A for Mother’s Day as well!

     Looking for different presents? Check out for more nice gifts and typically Dutch products.

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