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    Mother’s Day 2021: Let every woman shine with unique Riverstones jewellery

    Mother's Day 2021: Let every woman shine with unique Riverstones jewellery

    Ronja Brall, founder of Riverstones tells us: “We want to inspire women with our jewellery to pursue their dreams and ambitions. And there is no better time of year to surprise the precious women around you with a Dutch Design gift with this underlying thought. We are of course talking about Mother’s Day 2021, which is coming up on Sunday 9 May. Our webshop is full of unique typical Dutch gifts for her. We were impressed by Riverstones’ mission: ‘Finding beauty in the rush of life’. For that reason we have spoken to her personally and we would like to highlight this inspiring woman and her Dutch Design brand Riverstones. Be inspired by this inspiration for Mother’s Day 2021!

    Mother's Day 2021: Let every woman shine with unique Riverstones jewellery
    Mother’s Day 2021: Let every woman shine with unique Riverstones jewellery

    Ronja loves her own jewellery: “I wear my own jewellery every day. Actually there are new favourites in every collection. I am someone who likes to mix and match. So you won’t see me wearing just one ring or bracelet. I like to combine things, so I wear several rings on one hand and a matching set of bracelets.” So plenty of reason to check out the Riverstones in our collection for Mother’s Day 2021!

    A peek into Ronja’s life

    It’s a hectic period for everyone, also for Ronja; “We just got a puppy and pending a move, I live with husband and son of 2.5 years old for five months in a tiny house. In addition, of course, I run my own jewellery brand Riverstones. Sometimes quite hectic is probably a good description, but we are starting to get a rhythm so it’s going in the right direction.”

    Mother’s Day 2021 gifts with a story

    Nevertheless, she has not been sitting still lately and two new collections were launched on 14 March, including the ‘Beauty of the City’ collection that is available via our webshop, just in time for Mother’s Day 2021! This jewellery was launched in 14 carat gold, says Ronja. “The certified 14 carat gold is obtained with respect for people and planet. In addition, the collection is also available in silver and gold-plated gold, including the Jordaan Necklace, Jordaan Bracelet and Jordaan Earstuds.

    Mother’s Day 2021 gifts with the Netherlands as source of inspiration

    For the newest collection ‘Beauty of the City’, Ronja told us her inspiration; “My inspiration for the Beauty of the City collection came from my surroundings. Besides that, nature is my biggest inspiration. Especially the beach and the sea are places where I relax and new ideas come up.” This is reflected in all the jewellery in this new collection, including the Grachtenpandjes Necklace 14ct gold, the Grachtenpandjes Bracelet 14ct gold and the Jordaan Earstuds 14ct gold. For Mother’s Day 2021, nothing is better than to give a unique gift with an underlying thought and to surprise your mother.

    This jewellery is a refined reminder to consciously plan moments of silence in your daily life. As Ronja puts it beautifully: “By consciously including moments of silence in your daily life, you can rest physically and mentally. This makes it easier to listen to your intuition and to get in touch with your own energy. So order the jewellery quickly via our webshop, to ensure that this unique Dutch Design gift reaches you before Mother’s Day 2021.

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